China joins Lower Mekong River countries to study impacts of climate change, dams

Many of the details of the study have yet to be worked out, from exactly which tributaries to focus on to how much data China will share on how it operates its dams. To date, China has refused to reveal how much water its dams release. Furthermore, there is concern that China could use the collaboration as an opportunity to push the narrative that its dams’ disruption of the Mekong’s seasonal flood cycle actually helps downstream countries, despite a lack of evidence, and that some MRC officials make similar claims.


Developing sustainable climate resilient infrastructure solutions in Cambodia

The Asian Development Bank, with support from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience of the Climate Investment Funds, is assisting Cambodia to build climate-resilient infrastructure through a $588 million investment program called Strategic Program for Climate Resilience. The program led to the development of new regulations, technical guidelines, and legal requirements on construction of infrastructure specific to the nation’s three distinct geographic regions: the coastal areas, the highlands, and the central lowlands.


Lao workers on China-backed railway project go unpaid

Twenty at one work site are paid after they cut off power to the project, but more than a hundred are still waiting for their pay.. They earn between one million kip (U.S. $100) and two million kip each month. 



Thai water project gives Beijing a new Belt and Road foothold

Thailand’s military-dominated government is paving the way for a Chinese state-owned enterprise to land a water diversion project, the first of its kind in the country and a likely steppingstone for China’s Belt and Road Initiative.