Cambodia and China cooperate on media

More than 30 media leaders from Cambodia and China have come together to participate in the three-day high-level web seminar held under the Mekong-Lancang Cooperation framework which started yesterday hosted by Cambodian-Chinese Journalists Association (CJC) in collaboration with the China Foundation for Peace and Development.



Myanmar’s hidden hunger

The economic crash is worsening food insecurity across the country. However, the Dry Zone and Delta regions are traditionally off the aid radar, mainly because they are not in border conflict zones where humanitarian needs have typically been the most pressing.


Thai SEC to Collaborate with Environmental Organisations

In a joint statement, the SEC, TEI (Thailand Environment Institute) and TBCSD (Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development) have pledged to cooperate to support the sustainable development of Thailand’s economy.


Ninh Thuan works to protect sea turtles

Having seen a significant reduction in the number of sea turtles and their breeding activities, the central coastal province of Ninh Thuan is making efforts to address the situation.