Calls Grow to Cut Myanmar Junta’s External Financial Lifelines

“The largest inflows of foreign currency to the military are from the oil and gas and mining sectors. We need to totally shut off the flow of foreign currency that is keeping the junta alive,” a local economist who asked not to be named told The Irrawaddy.


Transport minister wants mega land bridge project sped up

On environmental impacts and public approval, the project’s infrastructure construction will focus on minimising the project’s impact on the environment and communities, while encouraging public participation said the transport minister. 


Faced with climate challenges, Vietnamese rice farmers switch to shrimp

There are particular concerns about the use of antibiotics to treat disease in shrimp stocks. Antibiotics can seep into effluent, which is usually dumped, untreated or inadequately treated, back into the surrounding waterways, raising the risk of chemical pollution in the immediate environment and detrimental knock-on effects down the food chain.