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Mukdahan resists industrial plan

The Bangkok Post looks at the northeastern province of Mukdahan, which borders Laos, in the third of a six-part series on special economic zones.

By Apornrath Phoonphongphiphat

Mukdahan Province, Thailand, September 20, 2015

Bangkok Post

The government is pushing forward its plan to promote Mukdahan, the northeastern Thai province bordering Laos, as a special economic zone (SEZ) with a well-managed industrial area.

Unlike other SEZs, where the government often struggles to find land to be developed as an industrial zone due to land price speculation, the government can allocate about 1,000 rai easily, according to Mukdahan governor Sakolsarit Boonpradit.

“We have no problem with getting land for the industrial zone because most of the land is owned by state agencies, so ownership could be transferred easily to be ready for further development,” he says.


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