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Ministry of Environment positive to Sambo dam petition from young environmentalists

San Sel

A group of 7 young environmentalists brought a petition about Sambo hydropower dam in Kratie province to Ministry of Environment on morning of 26 September 2016 to request the ministry to review possible impacts of the dam. Ministry of Environment accepted and showed a positive stand to the youth group after receiving the petition immediately.

Mr. Chhom Hout, a young environmentalist from the group said that the Ministry will respond in detail to the petition after the national holidays (Bun Chhom Ben). The petition is about a request to the government to reveal information and documents related to the project of Sambo hydropower dam in Kratie. Also, the group requests to the government to release finding results of social and environmental impacts assessment as well as suggestion to have public consultation with local villagers and CSOs prior to the construction of the dam.

According to the Open Development Cambodia, it revealed that Sambo dam with power generation of 465 MW is located in Chav commune, Sambo district, Kratie province.

According to one research done by Fishery Administration of Cambodia in 2013 stated that the Sambo hydropower dam in Kratie province and another hydropower dam in Stung Treng province will affect on fisheries which is crucial protein source for Cambodian and the affect will lead to food insecurity in Cambodia.


Translated by The Mekong Eye