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Journalism Workshops & Grants Update: Climate, Data, Biodiversity, S. America Fellowship

New opportunities for environmental journalism grants, workshops and awards from Mekong Matters/EJN, our partners, and others.

By Mekong Matters Journalism Network

Mekong Region, February 15, 2017

Mekong Matters Journalism Network

Below are some new opportunities for environmental journalism grants, workshops and awards from Mekong Matters Journalism Network / Earth Journalism Network, our partners, and others, for Feb-March 2017.

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Climate journalism training: UNESCO is training young journalists (18-35) on reporting on climate change and sustainable development issues in Southeast Asia, 20-23 March, Siem Reap, Cambodia. In partnership with Mekong Matters/EJN.  Apply by Feb 20

Biodiversity Story Grants: EJN/Mekong Matters is offering reporting grants to support the production of in-depth stories that highlight previously untold threats to global biodiversity or explore new conservation-based solutions. Apply by Feb 17.

EJN fellowships to the International Congress for Conservation Biology: EJN/Mekong Matters is sending journalists to join a fellowship program to attend and report on the 28th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) in Cartagena, Colombia in July 2017. Apply by Feb 24.

Data journalism training for media organizations: 12 media organizations from ASEAN countries can apply to CFI for a data-driven project (article/data story, data visualization). Apply by March 8.

Forest Story Opportunities: For journalists in Myanmar and Vietnam: Mongabay is looking for stories from your countries on the human impact on the world’s forests, related to issues such as energy extraction, logging, mining, fires, war, agriculture, and infrastructure expansion.

Mekong Dam Story Opportunities: Mongabay is still accepting pitches for Mekong dam stories, especially from Thailand or Vietnam, but the program will be ending soon.

Environmental Law Journalism Fellowships: Vermont Law School (who works on EIA policy in Cambodia, Myanmar and other places) is asking for Mekong journalists (from Myanmar and other countries) to apply for their MEDIA FELLOWSHIPS: At the nation’s premier environmental law school, you can enhance your journalism skills and deepen your understanding of environmental law and policy through Summer Media Fellowships. Apply by March 3.

Environmental Blogs, Resources or Stories: Please submit to The Mekong Eye if you would like to publish or republish content on the region’s environmental journalism site. Contact



Mekong Region: Join/follow the regional Mekong Matters Journalism Network and our local partners:

Myanmar: Join/follow the newly formed Myanmar Environmental Journalism Network

Cambodia: Join/follow the newly formed Cambodia Environmental Journalism Network

Thailand: Join/follow the Thai Society of Environmental Journalists

Vietnam:  Join Vietnam Forum of Environmental Journalists or follow their Facebook

Global: Join/follow Earth Journalism Network

Survey: Please take our Mekong environmental journalism survey Are you a journalist who reports on Mekong region environmental issues. Please help us. This 10-12 minute survey will help program planners and researchers assess the sector and understand your work and interests.



Asian Environmental Journalism Awards: 2017 awards nomination opportunities are now open. Apply yourself for various awards including journalist, young journalist, story of the year etc..

Knight Science Journalism Fellowship: We welcome science journalists from around the world to apply for this unique and career-enhancing opportunity. Fellows receive a $70,000 stipend, spend an academic year in Cambridge, Massachusetts, studying at both MIT and Harvard

Humanity Photo Awards: Submit photos to HPA in China, on local cultures, including ecological environments, such as fishing, hunting, farming, forestry, etc

Reporting grants for women: The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) is currently seeking applications from women journalists

Global Energy Prize International Media Competition: Submit illuminating stories on the energy challenges faced worldwide or on any scientific innovations which provide new energy efficiencies.


The Mekong Eye is the platform for Mekong Matters Journalism Network, which is a project supported by Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and Mekong Partnership for the Environment.


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