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Songkhla power plant sit-in an energy wake-up call

A peaceful sit-in protest against a coal-fired power project has drawn attention to the “flaws in state development planning”.

By Paritta Wangkiat

Songkhla, Thailand, August 25, 2017

Bangkok Post

A peaceful sit-in protest against a coal-fired power project by four Thai-Muslims from Songkhla in the South in front of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has drawn attention to the “flaws in state development planning”.

In their sit-in, which began on Aug 23, the protesters petitioned the government to review a 2,200-megawatt coal-fired power plant that they say will have an adverse impact on their community in Thepha district of the province.

Their journey from Songkhla to the capital was spurred by the approval of the plant’s Environmental and Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) by state environmental experts on 17 Aug. The EHIA will be forwarded to the National Environment Board chaired by the prime minister. Board approval will give the green light for the controversial project to go ahead.

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