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Comment on “Designing river flows to improve food security futures in the Lower Mekong Basin”

Proposed flows by researchers to green-up dams in the Lower Mekong are seen as infeasible and devastating to fisheries.

Water dwelling on the lake of Tonle Sap, near Siem Reap, Cambodia, Jailing Gao-Wikimedia

By John Williams

California, July 13, 2018


Sabo et al. (Research Articles, 8 December 2017, p. 1270) use sophisticated analyses of flow and fishery data from the Lower Mekong Basin to design a “good” hydrograph that, if implemented by planned hydropower dams, would increase the catch by a factor of 3.7. However, the hydrograph is not implementable, and, if it were, it would devastate the fishery. Further, the analyses are questionable.

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