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Climate migration from the Mekong Delta

Video reports from the Mekong Delta on the growing impacts of climate change braking up families and communities as income is sought elsewhere.

Remnants of a fence on land raveged by coastal erosion in Hiep Thanh commune, where 30-100m more land is affected every year. Credit: Tran Thuy Binh

By Tran Thuy Binh

December 12, 2018

Mekong Eye

The physical nibbling away of the Mekong Delta’s edges by advancing erosion is producing unwanted social and economic ripples reaching Ho Chi Minh City and beyond. This three-part video series explores how many people are not so much adapting, but leaving, altering demographics for which there’s yet been any response. Accompanying written stories can be found be clicking the titles.   

Part 1: Farming jobs eroding away in the Mekong Delta / Mất cơ hội chọn việc do sạt lở bờ biển

Part 2: Getting old and battling coastal erosion in the Mekong Delta Tuổi già “không nhàn” ở ven sông

Part 3: Climate change and marriage migration out of the Mekong Delta / Nghèo đói và hôn nhân xuyên biên giới


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