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No Dam: Images of devastation and determination

After eight years of suspended construction the victims of China’s massive Myitsone Dam in Myanmar are still fighting for justice.

Daw Nan Ja shoulders a basket on a five-mile walk to collect leaves she plans to sell, as her farm and livelihood were taken from her when construction of the Myitsone Dam began in 2009. (Seng Mai)

By Seng Mai

May 07, 2019

Mekong Eye

As the Myanmar and Chinese governments continue to ponder whether after eight years to resume construction of the massive Myitsone Dam, the victims still fight for justice. Myitkyina News Journal’s Seng Mai captures their story for Mekong Eye. Her companion investigative report: Rice or Rights, the plight of Chinese dam victims in Myanmar as options for survival dwindle can be read here. 



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