Mekong Eye showcases news from our Mekong Matters Journalism Network. Mekong Matters supports and connects journalists from across the Mekong region who report on environmental and development issues, with a particular focus on regional development projects such as such as dams, mines, roads, oil and gas, ports, economic zones and land concessions. Our members include environment, health, community, business, political and other journalists.

If you would like to share content with Mekong Eye, please contact [email protected]

Through Mekong Matters, journalists have access to events and resources, such as:

  • Workshops, training and events
  • Networking: members link with journalists and experts from across the region to help them find stories, sources and information
  • Story funds: members can apply for funds to cover stories related to development project impacts and policies.
  • Information: We share members’ news through our News Digest, and provide members with news and information on Mekong development issues and journalism opportunities
  • News website: Mekong Eye covers Mekong development news, linked to maps. We are always looking for journalists and media partners who want to share content and broaden their audiences and news sources
  • EJN: members can access resources and opportunities of the Earth Journalism Network, through the account you use to register
  • Multiple languages: as much as possible, we will try to make our news, events and resources available in local Mekong-region languages, and will support some translation projects to/from English

The network is open to print, broadcast or social media journalists working in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, including: editors, environment/business/health or other reporters, video journalists, citizen reporters, social media journalists, bloggers etc. who regularly report on Mekong environment and development issues.

Mekong Eye Story Fund supports journalists to report on the social and environmental costs and benefits of development projects in the Mekong region. These may include dams, mines, industrial development, land concessions, gas and oil, environmental impact assessments or other related issues.

To join the network, to subscribe to our Mekong Eye News Digest or for more information, please contact: [email protected]

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