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Laos Dam Project a Black Eye For Mekong Cooperation

When the Lao national assembly last week approved a potentially destructive dam project just 2 kilometers from the border with Cambodia, the surprise announcement was yet another blow to the regional framework designed to protect the Mekong River.

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Critics Fear Effects of Laotian Dam Project

Sun Thaya has depended on his taxi boat for his income for years. On average, he said, he earns around 200,000 kips a month, or about $25, to take tourists to see river dolphins on the border between Laos and Cambodia. When there are no tourists, the Lao boatman just fishes in the area to feed his family.

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Translated Local News

MAFF warns all economic land concession companies not to make any sub-contract with others

Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry just made a reminder to all economic land concession companies in Cambodia that the companies must not make any sub-contracts with other companies for gaining any profits; otherwise the state will cancel those contracts quickly. »

Green Light for Mekong ‘Time Bomb’ Sparks Alarm

Environmental groups have expressed alarm at the Laotian National Assembly’s approval last week of the concession for the Don Sahong Dam project, which has been described as an “ecological time bomb” about to be dropped on the Mekong River.

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Damming the Lower Mekong's Mainstem

It’s the most feared infrastructure project In the Greater Mekong Subregion. Not just by the 200,000 people directly impacted, and a coalition of local and international NGOs, but the governments of Vietnam and Cambodia, and the Mekong River Commission.

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