Unraveling the Mystery of Laos U-Turn from Renewables to Coal to Power the Battery of Southeast Asia

After years of hydropower supercharging Laos’ successful ambition to become the key power exporter in the region, Laos’ energy export market has taken a surprising turn … towards coal. According to most international analysis from Carbon Tracker to Bloomberg, carbon is dying. Yet in Laos, energy carbon production went from zero to half of all […]

Chinese tech firms tap opportunities on back of landmark China-Laos rail project

With the official opening of China-Laos Railway, a landmark, high quality project under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Chinese tech firms are tapping into digital cooperation opportunities between the two countries made possible by the mega infrastructure achievement that are increasing the Southeast Asian country’s ability to attract investment, create new jobs and accelerate economic growth.

Laos-China railway delivers hope, new development opportunities – An opinion by Vientiane Times

The official inauguration of the Laos-China railway took place on December 3. This historic event is not only a milestone in Laos’ efforts to shake off the shackles of its landlocked status by becoming a land bridge within the region but will create a lot of development opportunities and enable Laos, one of the least developed countries in the region, to thrive in coming decades.