Thailand must get its act together on US

New areas of cooperation including Mekong development, infrastructure, culture, public health security, agricultural innovations, cyber security, start-ups for young entrepreneurs and digital innovation are on the agenda. More specifically in the case of the Mekong-US Partnership, Thailand can serve as bridge for all donors and recipients.

Mekong depth set to dip

The National Water Command Centre (NWCC) also issued a warning to provinces along the Mekong River to brace for sharp drops in water levels, as the dam’s operator slashed its discharge rate to 1,854 cubic metres (m³) per second, from 2,525m³, on Friday and Saturday.

Save big cities in Asia from sinking

In Southeast Asia, Jakarta and Bangkok are sinking fast. In fact, Bangkok, located 0.5–2 metres above sea level, is sinking at a rate of 2–3 centimetres each year. It is predicted that a large part of the capital city will be underwater by 2030, 2050, or the conservative estimate of 2100.