Why farm-raised shrimp are bad for the environment

Shrimp waste ends up becoming a toxin all its own, but add to that the various chemicals and hormones aqua farmers are injecting into their shrimp, and you’ve got an even greater problem.The lengthy and complicated supply chain that brings the majority of shrimp into the West from farms in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand burns an awful lot of fuel. Furthermore, some shrimp farms in Vietnam have been injecting their shrimp with a carboxymethyl cellulose gel to make them plumper. It’s not toxic to humans, but it’s certainly not above board, either. And shrimp farms in Thailand have even been accused of human trafficking, child abuse, and slavery,

USAID to provide Mekong Delta conservation assistance

Includes support to launch the Mekong Coastal Habitat Conservation project, a new three-year, up to $2.9 million project with the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This project aims to protect key coastal habitats in the Mekong Delta region to increase the sustainability of fisheries, enhance climate change adaptation and improve biodiversity conservation.