Bid adieu to bad rubbish

It is imperative that the government strikes the right balance between helping an industry which can deal with such a pressing environmental concern — scrap shops encouraging people to dispose of their possessions safely — without promoting the import of yet more waste which causes an equal or greater amount of harm as a by-product of its processing.

Economics of BRI & US global human rights propaganda (opinion)

Most recently, a US-based institution published a report attempting to dispute the China-proposed BRI, claiming that a hydroelectric dam in northeastern Cambodia under the BRI “has undermined the life and livelihood of thousands of local communities and ethnic minorities. Various reports verify that the Lower Sesan 2 dam project has been contributing greatly to the development of the nation and also improved the livelihood of local residents, who used to live without access to electricity or proper transport infrastructure.

Chinese dams cloud Mekong River relations

So the new Chinese ambassador to Thailand will have a challenge to prove that the countries’ friendship remains strong. He can’t just resort to diplomatic rhetoric. Of course, being dubbed as a “younger sibling” and “one family”, will make Thais’ hearts glow. Yet the proof of fraternity will be seen in the river that runs unimpeded.

Mekong talks not inclusive

Attended by officials via an online communications platform, the organisers of the MRC/ASEAN meeting have been criticised for excluding members of local communities, civil society groups and NGOs, who have criticised management of the river in the past. Without meaningful engagement with civil society groups, each meeting will be just another talk shop.