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Thailand must get its act together on US

New areas of cooperation including Mekong development, infrastructure, culture, public health security, agricultural innovations, cyber security, start-ups for young entrepreneurs and digital innovation are on the agenda. More specifically in the case of the Mekong-US Partnership, Thailand can serve as bridge for all donors and recipients.

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Mekong depth set to dip

The National Water Command Centre (NWCC) also issued a warning to provinces along the Mekong River to brace for sharp drops in water levels, as the dam’s operator slashed its discharge rate to 1,854 cubic metres (m³) per second, from 2,525m³, on Friday and Saturday.

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Green Climate Fund offers over US$30 million to strengthen Vietnam’s climate change resilience

Together with UNDP, Vietnam will work to empower smallholder farmers – particularly women and ethnic minority farmers – to manage the increasing climate-related risks to agricultural production by ensuring the availability of water sources, adopting climate-resilient agricultural practices, and increasing access to agro-climatic information, credit and markets.