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A border economic zone will be soon built in Myanmar-China border

Myanmar-China joint economic zones will be constructed in Muse, Chin Shwe Haw and Kanpaiktee according to Union Minister for Commerce Dr. Than Myint.

Muse-Kyegaung will be set up as core zone, while Kyu Gote(Paingsang)-Wanding-Nwanyin (Kyeinseinkyaw)-Mantman (Shweli) will be for exporting products, manufacturing, processing and warehousing areas and the Saelan (Manthero)-Sailin and Namtkham-Naungtung as import processing and warehouse areas.

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Xayaboury dam on track to start commercial operation at year’s end

The government expects to earn US$3.9 billion from the operation of the dam throughout the 29-year concession period, including US$1.897 billion in royalties and US$637 million in taxes.
The government has pledged to use this money to fund poverty reduction programmes and infrastructure development so that Laos can catch up with other countries in terms of overall development.