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Minister: Use resources wisely

San Mala, of the Forest Defenders Project of the Cambodia says the state bore primary responsibility for the loss of all those natural resources – justified at the time by mostly unfulfilled promises of economic development in rural areas – because the state’s decision making process excluded input from civil society organisations and citizens, nor did they share any information on these deals with the public beforehand.

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Forget Phuket, here’s Phu Quoc, Vietnam’s big tourism hope

But the scale of tourism is putting too much pressure on the island’s infrastructure. Statistics from the local natural resources and environment office show the island generates nearly 200 tons of waste and 18,000 cubic metres of waste water a day while the collection capacity is only around 60 per cent, according to a 2019 report published by the magazine of the Vietnam Environment Administration.

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The Oscars for Earth Day

Best International Feature Film: The Rocket (2013). Filmed in Laos, the movie opens with the main character, a young boy, swimming down to the depths of a lake to visit his old village, now inundated beneath a reservoir created by a hydropower dam. Soon, his relocated village must move once again to make way for yet another reservoir; a character in a temporary encampment laments that the country is selling electricity to “all of bloody Asia” with none left for them.