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Without innovation, oil could find itself out of job

The days of simply sticking a pipe in the ground and tapping a pool of easy-to-handle — and profitable — crude oil is fading. Maximising the planet’s oil reserves will challenge traditional thinking in order to harness technical know-how in a way that will have minimal impact on climate.

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Myanmar media in a regional context

Five years ago, Myanmar’s media scene was very oppressive and pathetic, both by international and ASEAN standards. Since then, with the end of news censorship and mandatory printing license, the overall freedom of expression has improved significantly. Now the country’s press freedom index is rising for overall openness in comparison with other ASEAN members.

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ADB president calls for new Infrastructure Investment

More investment in infrastructure is needed to support continued growth in Asia and the Pacific and combat climate change, Asian Development Bank (ADB) president Takehiko Nakao said in his opening address at the 50th annual meeting of ADB’s board of governors on Saturday.