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Joint Statement on Enhancing Sustainable Development Cooperation of the Lancang-Mekong Countries

We encourage all the six member countries to intensify their efforts and step up the coordination and collaboration at drainage basin level to address water-related issues of common concern, such as to improve conditions for local water supply, protect the ecosystem of the Lancang-Mekong River, address the adverse impacts of floods and droughts, and other extreme weather events caused by climate change.

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China Is turning Its water-scarcity crisis into a weapon

The PRC is flexing its hegemony in its region, putting other countries at a disadvantage, and making them beholden to PRC consideration for a vital resource. Some say that Beijing is weaponizing water. This is a real danger. On closer inspection, though, Beijing’s actions reflect the government’s recognition that extreme measures are needed. Water scarcity for human consumption, power, and irrigation is a significant source of potential instability. China’s water problem is serious.

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Rains renew Mekong Delta erosion threat

“Erosion along river banks and coast in the province has become complicated in scale and impact, and can occur any time,” said Huynh Ngoc Nha, director of the Soc Trang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. After each time, they would mobilise people to repair erosion sites, but things are only worsening, according to local authorities.